Expstudio Audio Converter

Our music converter software EXPSTUDIO AUDIO CONVERTER has all the options for editing your music files with many added features in it. The main advantage of using our product is that it supports many different audio formats and  a friendly user interface.

Apart from allowing you to convert the music files our
EXPSTUDIO AUDIO CONVERTER allows some additional operations to be performed to the music files.

1. Feature set:

Not only convert your music files but also allow you to adjust the bit rate, sample rate and even the channels for customizing the size of the file and also its quality.

2. Input format:

Our software
EXPSTUDIO AUDIO CONVERTER support the following audio formats as input

3. Output format:

The music files you wanted to be converted are handled with our software and
EXPSTUDIO AUDIO CONVERTER converts them into the following audio formats:

  • MPEG Layer-3 (MP3)
  • Mp2
  • Windows Wave format (*.wav)
  • Windows Media Audio 7/ 8
  • Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg)
  • Microsoft ACM - Output as sample
  • Microsoft ADPCM - Compressed WAV
  • VOX Audio
  • GSM - Compressed WAV
  • G.723 ADPCM
  • G.726 ADPCM
  • DSP - Compressed WAV
  • U-LAW - - Compressed WAV