EXPStudio CD Ripper Burner Converter  

Key features 


CD Ripper

  • Rips audio CD tracks to mp3, wav, ogg or wma

  • Uses latest encoding technologies to speed up ripping time

  • Names tracks automatically

  • Allows to set your own bit rates for mp3, ogg and wma formats

  • High output sound quality

  • Auto reduce noise

  • Digital Audio CD player

  • Simple, nice user interface and easy to use

  • Support skins , CDDB (retrieve / submit CD info) and ID3 tag editor

  • and MORE...

Audio Merger

  • Joins many audio files into one file

File Converter


Input format:

Output format:

  • MPEG Layer-3 (MP3)
  • Mp2
  • Windows Wave format (*.wav)
  • Windows Media Audio 7/ 8
  • Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg)
  • Microsoft ACM - Output as sample
  • Microsoft ADPCM - Compressed WAV
  • VOX Audio
  • GSM - Compressed WAV
  • G.723 ADPCM
  • G.726 ADPCM
  • DSP - Compressed WAV
  • U-LAW - - Compressed WAV


CD Burner

  • Burns audio CDs direct from mp3 and wav files

  • Supports Burn-Proof technology

  • Imports multi-session data tracks

  • Supports creation of multi-session disks

  • Writes and imports ISO images

  • Allows recording of a data image on-the-fly... no need to create an image on the hard drive first (very little disk space required)!

  • Supports creation